Yolkin: UK’s first Macaroon Ice-cream sandwich



iPhone Photography

Today, my friend brought me to this heavenly good place which serves Macaroon Ice-cream sandwiches. Combining the two, you would expect it to be sickly sweet. For Yolkin, they have balanced the sweetness really well. Yolkin’s macaroon ice-cream sandwiches have been spamming all across Instagram, with a menu that changes every week, it attracts people to go back for different flavours. The queue was massive but it’s definitely worthy. I went for the “Mango Ripple” from today’s menu. The ice-cream was made with natural ingredients with no artificial flavours so the mango ice-cream wasn’t too sweet which I really liked. Overall, I highly recommend you to go if you’re looking for an alternative kind of sweet bite next time.

Inside Whaam
40 Great Windmill Street

Opening hours:
Saturday & Sunday ONLY from 12pm (limited quantities)
Make sure you follow their Instagram for each week’s flavours!

Nearest Tube station:
Piccadilly Circus

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