Going back to basics?

White shirts are a big hit in Spring Summer 2016 trends. They are the wardrobe essentials across high-street and high-end brands. You’ll be able to spot white shirts on the rail in any shops. A white shirt on its own might seem a bit bland, therefore, I am going to show you how I styled this white shirt simply with accessories. With fair amount of accessories you can easily highlight your style with a bit of details within.


adexe black.jpg

Photographed by Angel Mpofu

On me:

Oversized white shirt from COS
Grey stone choker from Etsy, 100% hand made in South Korea | Silver engraved necklace
Gold Bangel, COACH
Watch: “THEY“, ADEXE

Keep an eye out for another blog coming up about my full outfit look with how I style white shirt:) xo

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