Ichiryu: Matcha Udon


Cold Ontama Egg Match Udon

Udon is definitely my all time favourite type of noodles but this is my first time trying Matcha Udon. Ichiryu has been a popular place for Udon and Matcha lovers, the udon there are freshly made on a daily basis. Ichiryu offers take away as well as sitting down meals. The interior is bright and sleek; decorated with wood panelling but at the same time has a stylish industrial feel to it with high ceiling and pipes nicely displayed across the restaurant. I had the ontama egg with cold matcha udon, the udon is very thick and bouncy. Together with tempura bits, it creates a mixture of soft and crunchy texture in a spoonful. It’s worth a try if you haven’t come across the Japanese Udon noodles.

84 New Oxford Street,

Nearest station:
Tottenham Court road

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