Super Easy Banana pancake


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Camera: Canon 100D

Ever craving for pancakes but refuse to go out to a cafe? No problem here is a very easy banana pancake recipe for everyone. Once I was living with a friend and she taught me how to make this healthy goodness. You’ll only need 2 things to make this delicious pancake: Eggs and Banana.

Due to the fact that flour isn’t involved, therefore it won’t have that fluffy pancake look and you might think it looks just like a normal egg omelette in the shape of pancakes but believe me, it’ll be your ultimate breakfast alternative.

2 Eggs
1 Banana

1) Mash banana with a fork until it has a runny consistency with no big lumps
2) Whisk eggs until the yolk and white combine.
3) Add whisked egg to mashed banana and mix together until the two combined.
4) Heat pan and pour oil/ butter to prevent pancakes from sticking
5) Cook for 1 min and flip pancakes
6) Serve when both sides are golden brown
7) Add extra toppings of your choice
8) Dig in!!

Enjoy! 🙂


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