A restaurant I keep going back to

today's photo food-2

Have you ever been to this one restaurant and afterward you keep going back to? This is when you know it has become a regular place to go. For me, a restaurant I keep going back to is Superstar Korea BBQ, I have a thing with Korean BBQ that I just can’t get rid of .As a meat lover, there’s nothing better than Korean BBQ.  At Superstar, they serve lunch and dinner with a wide range of traditional Korean cuisines to choose from and food that you can grill (which is always the fun bit).

today's photo food-3We ordered a Set dinner and added an extra plate of wine pork belly. The set included miso soup, appetizers, small bites, 3 plates of meat with cabbage and steamed rice. Have a look at the menu here.

4 Central Piazza St. Giles,
St Giles High Street,
London WC2H

Closest station: Tottenham Court Road/ Covent Garden


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