Favourite purchase of all

Have you ever had problems finding the right place to put your phone or tablet while trying to cook or multi-task? I always find it super annoying when I have to keep picking my phone up when following a recipe or while watching a small clip on YouTube. It’s super tiring to hold your phone into position and try to feel comfortable at the same time.



So, I was scrolling down Amazon and I found this super cool and convenient tool that will help me with the problems I had. It is a phone holder that allows you to keep your hands free, perfect for those who love multi-tasking. I use this every morning to watch the News on my phone while having breakfast just so I can save some time before lectures. The other way of using this phone stand is while cooking, I can easily clip it on the shelf above the stove and have the recipe ready on the browser for me to refer back to. Saving me from unlocking my phone, finding the step I was on and end up having burnt onions on my saucepan. This phone stand is a life saver.

Get it here: Amazon



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