Korean Street food in London??

On the babb entrance
Today, I went to try On The Bab in Covent Garden which serves Korean Street food. I got there at 7:45pm and there were about 5 people queued in front of us, this Korean Street food restaurant is popular among the area as it has delivery service via Deliveroo. The restaurant itself is quite small and packed, for a weekday dinner at around 6 or 7 pm you would be expected to wait for around 15-20 minutes for a table. On the babb menu

On the babb
The two of us ordered four dishes to share: we ordered the signature Yangyum Chicken (Medium), chicken dumplings,  On the bun (we chose Spicy chicken bun) and On the rice (we chose Bulgogi served on rice). It was about £20 per person which for the amount of food that we have had isn’t that pricey, most of their dishes are priced at a fiver to £9 per dish that will actually fill you up. Yangyum Chicken is the only dish that could price up to £21 for a large portion.

Overall, I think the quality of the food is at a high standard. Service was good if you don’t mind the waiting.( It’s definitely worth a try!) You can also find On The Bab in Old Street, Marylebone, and one upcoming new location at St. Paul.

On the babb tumblr
Hang in there, my friend, we’re half way through the week! 🙂

More information:
Address: 36 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7B
+44 (0)20 7240 5568



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