Probably one of the best invention for matcha lovers

Recently, I got sent two heavenly gifts from a family friend who went to South Korea for a few days in the holiday: it is the mouth-watering Matcha milk spread from South Korea. With matcha being one of the most popular food among the Asia Pacific, I’m so thrilled to be able to get hold of two bottles of Matcha milk spread to see if it’s really how insanely good people described it to be.Match spread

So I went home today and made myself two pieces of toasts, the matcha spread is quite runny in consistency so it’s absolutely spreadable leaving it with a smooth surface afterwards. The balance between milk and matcha is just about right, I would say the matcha isn’t strong at all and at the same time you’ll be able to taste sweetness within the tea flavour. The taste is addictive, I couldn’t help myself but making another piece of toast so I can have more of this delicious spread that could completely take over the place of the boring jam and butter combination.

Get it here: Osulloc Green Tea Milk Spread Jeju Island


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